AMSIS UAV and Aerial Inspections

Time costs money

Inspections carried out from rope access and scaffolding are often expensive due to the amount of resources and time taken to achieve safe access to the inspection area. Sometimes even the simplest of inspections are very time consuming and costly.

AMSIS provide experienced pilots and technologically advanced unmanned aerial vehicles to meet the requirements of our customers. Our customers include: private clients, civil industries, offshore and onshore energy suppliers. AMSIS provide exceptional quality video footage and stills to meet and often exceed the criteria set by each client.

From initial enquiry, AMSIS aerial inspection coordinators will follow up and discuss your specifications and requirements. Criteria and options will be clearly discussed and quantified. We will also work closely with you to achieve the best service possible for your budget. Our coordinators work closely with the UAV pilots to plan and document the work scope. Once the scope has been defined with the customer and target mobilisation date has been set, project specific procedures are prepared. Any necessary permits will be obtained where required. AMSIS will satisfy the legal and legislative requirements of the project allowing you to focus on your core business. Whether onshore or offshore, our project specific equipment and personnel are mobilised and the Scope of work is executed. On completion, a full Inspection report will be issued to eat the customer requirements.

AMSIS UAVs and associated equipment are specified at the start of the project to ensure that the desired end result meets the customer specification.

AMSIS Aerial Inspection pilots are fully licensed to operate UAVs in the UK and offshore.

AMSIS Inspection Coordinators will assist customers by actively participating where required in the following:

- Pre task risk assessments and HIRA’s
- Management of execution of scope of work
- Provide customer/client interface with the AUV operations team before, during and after operations
- Management of close out reports and lessons learnt
- Issuance of inspection reports to the customer specification

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