PV (Solar) and Hydrogen Hybrid OFF-Grid Power Solution

“A sustainable, Stand alone alternative to generator power for low power applications”

AMSIS introduces a totally ‘off grid’ hybrid solution by utilising a number of sustainable resources to meet todays increasing energy demands and the need for power in remote locations. With collaboration from our team of industry experts we can offer the hydrogen hybrid solution. The system combines both solar and fuel cell technologies to provide the end user a guaranteed source of electricity in any location all year round.

The complete solution can be deployed as either a permanent or temporary installation. The power generator, hydrogen and solar electronics can be housed in a purpose built enclosure, which can also contain end users equipment, and deployed to any remote area.


  • CCTV
  • Lighting
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Charging Points
  • Temporary Power Source
  • Emergency Power
  • Permanent Rural Power Source

With green and zero carbon solutions readily available AMSIS have designed and created a bespoke package and solution to meet the needs of the conservation industry and providing energy to rural areas.
Wind power is not always suitable for area’s with wildlife activity so we have combined solar power and hydrogen power together to create a solution with no noise or any emissions to power CCTV and monitoring equipment.
Included is a wireless GPS monitoring system giving flexibility to allow remote monitoring of the CCTV from a security/ monitoring base station. The Surveillance unit can be set to alert customers of any motion in the area of the CCTV unit.
In normal daylight conditions, the unit will run continuously, however, in the UK we have provided a contingency back up utilising hydrogen.

PV (Solar) and Hydrogen Hybrid OFF-Grid Power Solution can be designed & built specifically to customer requirements.

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