Storage & Preservation

We have secure storage available at many of the common ports that support the Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Industries around the North Sea, Singapore, GOM and Brazil. We can arrange logistics to and from our locations and will ensure your equipment is stored safely until you require it in the future.
Many customers enjoy significant cost savings by using our facilities for short and long term storage options around the globe. Our facilities often provide the local solution many companies require, preventing unnecessary shipping of equipment.
If you are interested in what we can offer, please email or fill in an enquiry form with your requirements and we will be in touch to discuss.

Storage & Yard Space
• Indoor Secure Storage
• Secure Yard Space

Inspection, Preservation and Maintenance options for customer equipment ensure customers can be confident that their equipment will be maintained and ready for use at short notice.

• Installation Equipment (Umbilical Support Frames, Grillage, Tool Baskets, LARS, Spoolers)
• Equipment, demob, storage and preparation for Vendor Shipping
• Equipment mobilisation to Vessel/Site
• Project Equipment
• Spare Subsea Tree Electrical Jumpers
• Spare Tree Control Supply Jumpers
• Spare SCMs

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